Frequently Asked Questions

Do SportFans use batteries to light up?

Nope!  SportFans are 100% wind-powered.  You never have to replace batteries!

Can I replace the windsock with another design?

Absolutely!  SportFans were designed to be replaceable.  Just unsnap the windsock from the main structure and snap on a new one!

How fast can I go with sportfans on my car?

Hey, Speed Demon, slow down! The recommended operating range is between 10-70mph.  Of course, the longer you drive at high speeds, the faster things wear out.  The sweet spot for SportFans is in the 45mph range.

Do sportfans work in cold weather?

Yup!  Just keep an eye on your SportFan for ice build-up.  As we all know, everything is brittle in freezing weather so use your best judgement when using SportFans in winter.

How do I keep my sportfan from flying AWAY when the window is rolled down?

SportFans come with a Safety Tether & Suction Cup to help prevent accidental detachment when the window is rolled down.  

What do I do if the propeller is damaged and/or comes off?

Send us an email and we'll get you a replacement ASAP! 

I want my own windsock design.  how do i get one made?

We're working on this - stay tuned :)

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